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Webinar Overview

The topic of the decade in homebuilding is bound to be sustainability – but forward-thinking builders are making it today’s priority.

Homebuilders are already aware of the value their work has on the lives its customers. And in this moment, with increasing environmental concerns reaching every walk of life, their impact has a chance to reach its biggest heights.

With an eye on the big picture, we’ve invited some of the construction industry’s brightest, most innovative minds to share their insights on sustainable homebuilding. Join us for this can’t-miss live event on Tuesday, October 12th at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT.

On our expert panel, you’ll hear from Sheida Shahi, Co-Founder & CEO at Adaptis, an AI-powered company helping construction companies decarbonize for a sustainable future. She’ll be joined by Christian Rinomato, the Manager of Special Projects at Country Homes, who has led critical projects to develop low carbon communities.

Webinar Speakers

Sheida Shahi Headshot (1).png

Sheida Shahi
Co-Founder & CEO

Rinomato Christian Headshot.jpg

Christian Rinomato
Manager of Special Projects
Country Homes

John McManus.png

John McManus
The Builder Daily

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